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›› Our Philosophy

Our veterinary clinic has a very strong sense of mission. It was founded with the goal of giving each owner the time and attention required to provide superior care for their pets.

We have an excellent facility with all the best technology but the human element in our approach to veterinary medicine is what genuinely sets us apart. This includes listening to owners so we can give them the best advice and options, and paying attention to detail.

As our clinic has grown into a five doctor practice, we have maintained the vision we began with, and we take pride that our doctors and staff make themselves available to our clients and are sensitive to their needs.

We see the benefits of this commitment everyday when we make our patients well and our clients happy. Sometimes the smallest detail revealed in asking you about your pet's problem is the key in figuring out what is wrong. Sometimes the time we take to explain an illness or the available options in diagnosis or treatment allow you to make a much better and informed decision. The investment that we make in our relationships with you allows us to give your pet better care.

The bond that occurs between our clients and the doctors and staff of Arbor Animal Clinic truly enhances our lives and we are thankful to each of you for this unique opportunity to serve you and the four-legged loved ones in your lives.

Jody, Mia and Kimberly at Arbor Animal Clinic in Austin, Texas

Sam and Nacho Grande at Arbor Animal Clinic in Austin, Texas